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Pilgrimage Destination

The Santuario de Chimayo continues to be a favorite pilgrimage destination in the United States. Increasing numbers of youth, young adult and school groups include the shrine as part of their educational and spiritual experiences. Pictured below are two of the groups who came to the Santuario.

The first photo shows a group of youth from Blessed Sacrament Catholic School in Denver, who made the Santuario part of their three-day Spring 2016 Retreat, which also included a viewing of "The Way," a feature film about one man's pilgrimage to the Spanish shrine Santiago de Compostela.

The second photo is of a group of young adults who belong to the missionary organization Christ in the City and who are dedicating this year to serving Denver homeless. Theirs was a 50-mile walking pilgrimage from Taos Pueblo to the Santuario. They are shown holding the certificates authenticating their pilgrimage.

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